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Mountain bikers pack in like sardines on any weekend afternoon at The Pisgah Tavern. People are often covered in mud, blood and sweat, and stories about an epic wreck or getting caught in a summer thunderstorm fly back and forth over pints of micro-brews. It’s like this nearly all year, and the crowds show no sign of slowing down.

The Tavern is located inside The Hub at Backcountry Outdoors, and is the brainchild of Sam and Jordan Salman, Brevard College graduates with a passion for all things outside. The Hub opened in September 2008, across the street from its current location, and offers Santa Cruz, Giant, Transition, Evil, Chromag and Pivot bikes as well as rentals (see page 36­­­ for more information).

They’re not just a bike shop, though, and sell nearly anything you need for a mountain adventure. “We keep a staff that keeps their eye on the latest and greatest products for the ladies and the men,” said Sam. “There’s a constant evolution in outdoor gear. One of our goals at the shop is to create more of a community in the county, and bring in young couples and families, and get them in the woods.

“It doesn’t even have to be about bikes,” he said. “It can be river tubing, backpacking or anything. We just want to create a scene centered around the mountain lifestyle.”

Jordan and Sam strive to have a unique beer selection in the tavern, brews you can’t typ20170911TheHub63ically find in Brevard or Asheville. “I try and stock seasonal craft beers and, of course, local beer, but still try and bring in the niche market beers,” said Sam.

The Hub has a rotation of food trucks in their parking lot throughout the warmer months, and even a few days in the winter. There can be barbecue, pizza and even Cuban cuisine for after-woods adventures. “We have so much more to offer than just being a bike shop. I t’s a great place to drink beer, buy gifts or just hang out. We’re an outdoor spot,” said Jordan.

For more information, call (828) 884-8670 or visit www.thehubpisgah.com.


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