DuPont Cloverleaf


Approximately 12 miles
2.5+ hours

This is a classic DuPont ride. Only 12 miles in length, this cloverleaf shaped ride will take riders on some of the more technically challenging trails in the forest. It also leads riders on one of the newer trails, Micajah Trail.

•Park at the Corn Mill Shoals parking lot
•Make a left out the parking lot onto the pavement
•Make a left at the first gate on Tower Rd
•Stay left past the old rock quarry
•Left on Buck Ridge Rd
•Left on Micajah Trail
•Right on Wilke Trail back to the pavement
•Left on Cascade Lake Rd, followed by immediate right around gate onto Corn Mill Shoals Rd
•Make the first left on Longside Trail
•Left on Pine Tree Trail
•Right on Cascade Trail
•Left on Sheep Mountain Rd
•Immediate right turn on Pine Tree Trail and cross the pavement again
•Ride Pine Tree Trail back to Longside Trail
•Left on Corn Mill Shoals Rd
•Bear left on Little River Rd and go past Cedar Rock Trail
•Make a left on the other end of Cedar Rock Trail
•Climb the trail until the intersection with Big Rock Trail
•Right on Big Rock Trail
•Left on Corn Mill Shoals Rd
•Right on Burnt Mountain Trail
•Left on Corn Mill Shoals Rd back to the parking lot


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