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More than 50 percent of the land in Transylvania County is public forestland. In fact, the word “Transylvania” means “across the forest.”

PisgahThere are three main forests in Transylvania County: The Pisgah Ranger District of Pisgah National Forest in the northern part of the county, DuPont State Recreational Forest in the southeastern part of the county, and Gorges State Park in the southwestern part of the county.

The Blue Ridge Parkway also bisects Pisgah along the northern edge of Transylvania County, and the city of Brevard has created the Bracken Mountain Preserve, a 7.1-mile trail system that connects the city of Brevard directly to Pisgah National Forest. Another park, Headwaters State Forest, is currently in development. The project will ultimately conserve more than 8,000 acres of working forestland.

Pisgah3Transylvania’s extensive woodlands create countless opportunities for mountain biking and road cycling. Please enjoy our public lands responsibly: many of the trails are multi-use and are open to hikers as well as equestrians. Bikers yield to all other users and extra caution should be used near horses. Proper etiquette has riders dismounting and communicating with horse owners.

Pisgah National Forest
•160,000 acres with 172 miles of legal mountain bike trails
•More waterfalls than can be listed, including Looking Glass Falls and Sliding Rock
•Home to two of the first Wilderness areas in the eastern U.S., Shining Rock and Middle Prong
•Location of the first school of forestry in the country

MichaelMcQueenBennettsGaptrailThe local lowdown
Michael McQueen on Pisgah National Forest: “Being able to get off the couch and pedal into Pisgah while having an array of trail selections is one of the best things about Brevard. If I’m feeling feisty, I can do the Clawhammer, Buckwheat, Bennett Gap loop, or, if I’m feeling more chill, I can play around on the Sycamores or Lower Black Mountain Trail and finish up at one of the shops for some post-ride socializing.”

Blue Ridge Parkway

•469 miles long, runs from North Carolina to northern Virginia
•Spectacular road biking with 360 degree views at times

Clay Sykes on the ParkwayThe local lowdown
Clay Sykes on Blue Ridge Parkway riding: “Even a bad day riding the Blue Ridge Parkway is better than a good day riding nearly anywhere else. I have ridden in nearly every season, and even in the most invigorating conditions, it’s always just a rejuvenating experience for me. My favorite ride is up U.S. 276, across the Parkway and down N.C. 215. Riding a road bike on the Parkway is the gift that just keeps giving.”

Gorges 3Gorges State Park
•Named by National Geographic as one of the “50 of the World’s Last Great Places” in 2012
•Home to the Horsepasture River, a federally designated Wild and Scenic River
•Foothills Trail, a 77-mile through hike trail runs through the park •Currently developing trails for mountain biking
•Founded in 19998,000 acres with over 22 named waterfalls

DuPontDuPont State Recreational Forest
•DuPont State Forest was established in 1996
•10,474 acres with 80 miles of multi-use (bike, horse, hiking) trails
•Unique granite domes are uncommon in this part of the country
•Home to numerous waterfalls, including Hooker Falls, Triple Falls, High Falls and Bridal Veil Falls

The local lowdown

Bernadette Merriman on riding in DuPont State Recreational Forest: “I love that DuPont is multifaceted and I can get a solid ride in with friends covering varied terrain, and yet I can take my 8-year-old daughter, Greysen Motley, for a ride that she finds enjoyable and can successfully accomplish. DuPont offers it all.”


Bracken Mountain Preserve
•7.1 miles of city owned multi-use singletrack
•Featured in the Pisgah Stage Race
•Established in 2012
•400 acres in total
•Built by more than 75 local volunteers
•Directional bike-only trails in planning stages

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